Quote of the week. 1 and only.

cheshires discI have been thinking about introducing a ‘record of the week’ and/or ‘quote of the week’ strand to the blog. Chances are this will never work but, rather than wait for the correct moment to (mis)use this particular text, I thought I should just post it anyway (unendorsed):

‘Politics is not an identity or an opinion or an educated guess, it’s f-f-facts which stare you in the f-f-face.

Music criticism not written from a politics acknowledging these facts is – ipso dick so –  not worth reading. Music criticism not written from studious attention to Finnegans Wake and J.H. Prynne remains ignorant of the music in the scything word swords themselves, and can only be a fan-boy add-on, a crinkly advertorial wrapper, a creeping footling bootlicking footnote.’

Ben Watson, Music Fix. CCA, Glasgow, 2012.

See also Association of Musical Marxists