3 thoughts on “Listen…

  1. Mr S Now this is well spooky; I was in Cafe Oto yesterday (and the day before), which for me is an extremely rare occurrence… However, to cut to the chase, apart from a couple of glasses of light ale, I bought a Sun Ra CD titled, ‘Omnipresence’. Herman Poole Blount really does get everywhere doesn’t he…? PS Needless to say, I haven’t played it yet…! Sent from my iPhone


  2. PS you’ve been out on that bike again, haven’t you…? PPS, although neither look like paradigms to address the chronic housing shortage, if forced into a crepuscular corner with my arm twisted up my back; I’d probably go for the shitty turquoise number as opposed to the double shitty yellow brick keich adjacent… Just sayin’…

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Nope…the 277. Mile End’s selection of student housing is, indeed, something to behold. It is gratifying to think that the young are able to transcend their immediate surroundings with thoughts of higher, cosmic, things.

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