Atomic Bomb! play the music of William Onyeabor. Meltdown, Royal Festival Hall.

Charles Lloyd

Charles Lloyd

My second big band experience of the week after the Arkestra  at Cafe Oto on Monday night. This time round, virtually the whole audience was on its feet 2 numbers in…something I have not witnessed before at the RFH. The sound here could never compare with the intimate clarity of the Arkestra at Oto but there was certainly an electric atmosphere to the proceedings as guest stars did their turns to wildly enthusiastic response from the dancing masses. But who were these guest stars? Introductions were lost in the aural blur of the sound system…I got Charles Lloyd (who played a wonderful solo introduction on sax), Alexis Taylor and David Byrne but other names escaped me…maybe all will be revealed by others in the days to come. Not really a night for drawing; here are two from early on and a photograph of the entrance of the 200 piece choir during the finale…

Atomic Bomb!

Atomic Bomb!


Line up update:


David Byrne

Amadou and Mariam

Charles Lloyd

Sarah Jones

Money Mark

Alexis Taylor

Mahotella Queens

Voicelab Choir

Moses Sumney

One thought on “Atomic Bomb! play the music of William Onyeabor. Meltdown, Royal Festival Hall.

  1. Heard an interesting radio 4 feature on Sun RA + Archestra on Monday whilst driving to Scotia
    Very interesting and quite intense.
    I had no idea of the full range of the music, I always found it pretty atonal but on closer listening much is also beautiful, even melodic…
    Happy New Ears !

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