Nicholas Collins, Cafe Oto, 13. i. 14

A Resonance Radio night at Cafe Oto…



Their debut gig…they seem to have been formed as a splinter from the Resonance Radio Orchestra as a ‘concept art rock band’ and this gig was billed as drawing from Fluxus and Warhol’s Factory….Mo Tucker style relentless drumming + drones over a 30 minute stretch….what’s not to like? I also liked the way they played (unlit) from the very start of the evening as the first of the audience drifted in…so it was not initially clear if they were still doing their sound check.

Part 2 was  a manifestation of this project by Daniel Wilson:

which ‘allows you to become your own radionics diagnostician and intuit your own thought frequencies.’ A couple of days earlier I had uploaded my own thought and the corresponding frequencies…my thought was ‘why can’t I just stop’ (with, for some reason, no question mark)…when my thought/text appeared on the screen behind the performers it was paired with another; ‘Global peace and harmony’…so the two together read as ‘why can’t I just stop global peace and harmony’…chance would be a fine thing (or not).

Last up was Nicolas Collins, first in a subtle duo with Peter Cusack on guitar then with stunning solo pieces using damaged circuit boards…

Peter Cusack and Nicolas Collins

Peter Cusack and Nicolas Collins

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