It’s all about the mix

mix001This is the 100th post on this blog…I had meant to do something clever like choose my favourite 3 LP box set (3 x 33 and one third…geddit?) was going to be either Yessongs or Escalator Over the Hill (no it wasn’t). But I was never going to get round to that and, in the meantime, I found a black bin bag containing around 130 CDs on Kingsland Road this week. Some were unplayable, there were a few free films from newspapers and some old software. There was one CD full of someone’s holiday pictures. The rest were mostly singles, either ‘Landfill Indie’ or the kind of R&B that does little for me. Still I retrieved 27 from the pile..the rest have already gone to Oxfam. Before I did this I recorded the shortest track from each CD for the purposes of experimentation…more of this at some future date maybe. Here is the first experiment/unholy racket…ten tracks that ended up at the beginning of the list played simultaneously and mixed down…it ends well I think.

15 thoughts on “It’s all about the mix

  1. Calum
    I believe you have some produced an almost perfect sonic representation (memorialised), of all the parties I attended in my late teens and early 20’s in Perthshire… Listening to your condensed mix returned me instantly to nauseous experience; I felt a wide sense of déjà vu, that I was about to lose my balance all over again as I tried to listen and avoid concentrating upon this soundscape; I feel a restless night’s insomnia lurks up the road apiece …!

    • Mr S
      Made it through the night ok with just a few manageable sonic flashbacks…
      Today’s an annually tricky day however, Finlay’s off school as it’s the 3rd anniversary of Ann’s death.
      Was thinking of going up to St Paul’s to have a shifty at the Bill Viola; but that could be considered as further parental abuse via art exposure; so we’ll wait + see.
      Anyway, perhaps catch up next week for an Arthurian what’s it…?
      PS Fab Collage; does it have a title ?

  2. Phwarr! If the collision of life’s image’s // memories supposedly envisaged in the moments before death have a soundtrack, this could well be it. If, one is under 35yrs.. Otherwise // either way, great mix. Party on!

    • Calum
      I wondered what happened to my copy of Escalator over The Hill… I bought a second hand copy of the 3 LP box set from that great record shop up near Dens Road in Dundee…
      What was it’s name…?

      • The only second hand record shop I remember in Dundee was in Albert Street…and the only record I remember buying there was ‘Dandruff’ by St Ivor Cutler…as to the name of that record shop, I have not a clue.

      • Mr S
        Welcome back to the crypto amnesia club…
        Try this for a slightly hazy, (but Google free), early morning response…
        You are quite right it was Albert Street circa 1975. I have a sneaking suspicion
        That it might have been the first incarnation of ‘Groucho’s’…?
        I remember buying a copy of Septober Energy by Centipede there, (but please don’t tell anyone else), it should remain a dark secret.
        It then moved to rather more salubrious premises on The Seagate near the the Tay road bridge and was run by an extremely serious young muso called Rob Adam.
        I don’t the shop stocked 2nd hand records there. More a specialist in ECM where I bought quite a lot of Keith Jarrett LP’s…
        It still has an operation down at the Nethergate end of the Perth Road, and back to 2nd hand product, but I’ve always felt abit too old to venture over the threshold…???
        Well it’s mostly CD’s these days.

    • Do you mean whose music have I mangled into that terrible racket? Sashi!, Space, Liberty X, Blazin’ Squad, Slipknot, Adema, Nas, Houston, Elevator Suite and Faithless…as to titles, that would take a more experienced archaeologist than me.

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