In the absence of some substantial piece of writing:

I did this drawing at Vortex Jazz on 4th February…it’s Stephan Crump of the Rosetta Trio:


…wondering how I might integrate it into a different kind of drawing, I redrew it using the same technique (looking at the subject but not the object – i.e. the drawing on which I was engaged). Then I built/drew a frame around it and it has come out like this (so far):

sc in a room




On Sunday as I walked home I found this CD on Kingsbury Road next to the Jewish cemetery:

plectrum:cd001 I found the plectrum on Culford Road 2 days later. Here is Track 1 of the CD…I don’t know what it is called nor who is playing.


8 thoughts on “Related/Unrelated

  1. Excellent; Double Base or is it a Cello My sense of scale is a tad off… Sent from my iPhone


  2. Now Mr S This is really going on; Heading in a Beuysian direction perhaps?

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Listening to this beautiful music and looking at the redrawn player within his cathedral like setting I end up thinking that metin and matins must be related.

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