Quote of the afternoon.









‘Behind me now I have the monotonous song of the water, in front the colourful sound of the city, and over my head a great cloud of noise.


I love the noise of Marseilles, first the outriders, the heavy church bells, the hoarse whistles of steamers, the melody of birdsong dripping from blue heights. Then follows the main body  – the infantry – of everyday sounds, the shouts of people, the tooting of vehicles, the jingling of harnesses, the echo of footsteps, the tapping of hooves, the barking of dogs. It’s a procession of noise.’


Joseph Roth, Marseilles published in Frankfurter Zeitung, October 15th 1925. From The White Cities, translated by Michael Hoffmann.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the afternoon.

  1. Beautiful words evocative – timeless scenes – J’adore Marseilles et Toulon la cote puis et maintenant – the time machine – never change

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