5 thoughts on “Stockholm (4)

  1. Mr S
    I have been puzzling for a gaed few weeks about why I ‘like’ they dra’ns so much… and I’m still not absolutely sure but I have a sense of a wee bit of Jean Cocteau sneeking in there somehow…?

      • I should hope not, but perhaps even more perversely, I’m also beginning to subconsciously cogitate about Egon Schiele…???

      • We have to presume that both of them were looking at their drawings as they did them…so the half-blind technique I think comes from somewhere else. Not a tortured soul in sight…

      • In a strict technical sense you are quite correct… I will resist considering stylistic antecedents and just enjoy the products of an interesting process… I don’t suppose on stage doodles by Stevie Wonder would help either…?

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