Miss Havisham presents. Old Cholmeley Boys Club, Dalston. 30. ix. 12

Lore Lixenberg solo.

Not the usual sort of interior for a music venue. It’s a long hall with a gallery around 3 sides. There is a table in the centre of the room and a u-shaped arrangement of sofas at one end. There are paintings on the walls and some propped against the gallery balustrade. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling (there is also one lying on the floor) and palms in ornate pots on plinths are dotted around the room. There are various sculptures on tables, a large timber framed vitrine and numerous stuffed animals. This is clearly a ‘set’ but most strikingly it is a set in which someone lives. The racks of clothes and stacks of books are used and not just there to create an effect.

Tonight the big centre table is set up with a sitar and effect boxes but the last time I was here the audience could sit at the table as if attending a meeting. The musicians on this occasion play in the half of the room nearest the entrance. This means that the audience has to walk through the performance area to reach their seats. But in reality there is little distinction between the two spaces and the musicians and audience overlap to reflect this. There is no ideal place to perform and no ideal spot from which to listen and see the performances. It is a relatively small space with a lot of soft surfaces so there is very little decay in the sound and this suits the shifting dynamic nature of the programme. There are 6 musicians tonight who play in various combinations and alone. The evening ends with a piece performed by all the musicians. This is, in many ways, an ideal way to experience live music. It is immersive, immediate and unpredictable. Sound/music here takes on some of the characteristics of the space. Just as the performers and audience mingle so too there is a merging of the visual and aural elements of the environment.

John Butcher – saxophone

Tania Chen – piano

BJ Cole – pedal steel guitar

Poulomi  Desai – prepared sitar and electronics

John Edwards – double bass

Lore Lixenberg – voice


This was the last in a series of events organised by Steve Beresford and Tania Chen for this space. More are planned for early 2013.

14 thoughts on “Miss Havisham presents. Old Cholmeley Boys Club, Dalston. 30. ix. 12

  1. Thanks for your great writing and beautiful drawings.

    Actually, Tania Chen & I organised it together.

    We gave Steve Savage – the guy who runs it – 3 dates for next year but he’s not yet confirmed. I very much want to do some more.


  2. Miss Havisham PR

    Miss Havisham presents

    freely improvised and notated music at

    Old Cholmeley Boys Club
    68 Boleyn Road
    London N16 8JG

    on the last Sunday of the month

    Sunday February the 24th
    Aisha Orazbayeva – violin
    Tania Chen – piano & objects
    Najma Akhtar – voice
    Alan Tomlinson – trombones
    Rowland Sutherland – flutes 
    Steve Beresford – piano & objects

    Sunday March the 31st
    Ute Kanngiesser  – cello 
    Tania Chen – piano & objects
    David Ryan – clarinets
    Terry Day – bamboo pipes
    Matt Davis – trumpet
    & 1 other TBC

    Sunday April the 28th
    Lucy Railton – cello
    Aisha Orazbayeva – violin
    Satoko Fukuda – violin
    Poulomi Desai – prepared sitar
    BJ Cole – pedal steel guitar
    Steve Beresford – piano & objects 
    Jonathan Baker – vocals & processing 

    The unique Old Cholmeley Boys Club is very near the entrance to The Vortex

    Doors open at 8pm           
    Performances start at 8 30
    Admission £6 or £5 concessions  

    no bar but BYOB

    overground  trains 
    Dalston Junction 
    Dalston Kingsland

    30     38     56     67    76     
    149     236      242      243      277   
    N38     N149


  3. Hi there,

    I am trying to track down some contact details for whoever runs the Dalston Old Boys Club, as I’d like to enquire about hiring it for a private event. Could you point me in the right direction? It’s proving difficult to find details online!

    Many thanks,
    Caoimhe McKearney

      • Thanks for the speedy reply – found an email for Steve and he has already been in touch with the details. Cheers!

    • Hi Caoimhe, sorry to step in, but I’m wondering if you could pass me the contact of the Old boys club, as I’d like to have some infos about hiring the venue, but I can’t find any number or email.
      Thanks in advance for your help

  4. Hi there! I too am trying to find details of who to contact for the Old Cholmeley Boys Club, could anyone help me out? Many thanks in advance!

  5. Feel free to contact me if you need info on the Old Boys Club – ILana Lorraine 07886 037 970

    • Hi Ilana,

      Are you in charge of booking the Cholmeley Boys Club?

      I normally book it via Steve & Martha.

      Somewhat confused.

      Steve B

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